The Old Men in Blue – Ken Moore

Kyle Morris, a recently retired Oregon State Police Trooper and a SWAT team sniper, along with some other old team members and their pals, get engaged in gun battles with hardcore criminals and an invading army all wanting to destroy the state of Oregon.

It all begins when the states of Oregon and Washington have EMP strikes in their major cities. Followed shortly after by an invasion by a foreign Army into those two states. The President of the United States wants talks with the invaders and will not engage in a war against them. What can a small group of retired cops do to help?

With most areas of the two states without electricidal power, few working motor vehicles, no working modern devices, no state leadership and no help from the US military, will the states end up belonging to a foreign country?

Many people, good and bad, will find a way to leave the major cities in western parts of the state and head east. Kyle and the other old, retired, highly trained and skilled, ex-SWAT team will be working in remote areas of eastern Oregon, doing their best to take back their state from the hordes of criminals and invading Army.

Will they be able to form a new police force and an army of resistance fighters to save what’s left of Oregon?