The Perfect Monster: A Bedtime Story Picture Book for Kids Aged 4-6 and above – Elisa Anderson

Enjoy this vibrantly colored story of a perfect monster who does a perfect job of scaring little children, perfectly! .
A monster does a stellar performance of frightening little boys and girls and he is very proud of his occupation!
But he comes across an ordinary-looking little girl who seems not to be bothered by all his scary antics!
This has never happened to the monster before!
How did the ordinary little girl get to be so brave to the point that she isn’t scared of the monster that had been terrorizing all the other kids?
Find out in this colorful and entertaining bedtime story for kids aged 3 – 5 and above.

Read this intriguing story for children to teach your kids that beauty is not how good you look but what good you do!
The moral behind this bedtime story will show kids that kindness in any form will show beauty just as evil portrays ugliness.
So no matter how one may look, so long as kind deeds are done, they will always look beautiful in the eyes of those they help.

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