The Phantom of the Scales – Jade Michaels

An impactful SCI-FI romantic suspense thriller that deftly addresses sacrifice, character over aesthetics and above all, the inviolable respect to all creations of the divine forces of the universe.

At the peak of his career, Atty. Paul Lawrence, a top-notch government prosecutor and the only son of a powerful, multi-billionaire biogenetic scientist Dr. Z, got hooked on Sienna Dawn, a woman from an underprivileged community and whose biogenetic structure remains to be an object of mystery. Her shadowy characteristic both came as a blessing and a curse which she used in crushing the heartless felons to protect the environment including all those in need of salvage.

Upon discovery of her true biological nature, a tug of war soon ensued between a huge international criminal syndicate and Dr. Z, aiming to capture her for persecution on one hand, and for experimental research on the other, which can both result to her instant fatality.

The revelation of Sienna’s secret eventually became more petrifying than promising, and Prosecutor Paul Lawrence was forced to make a tough decision which will certainly affect not only his legal career, his relationship with his father, the eventual redemption of all living creatures on earth, but above all—the fate of something which serves as the only key to his priceless bliss but can most likely drag him down to his lifetime doom.