The Potato and the Very Nasty Orange : An easy to read bedtime tale for children to help them deal with emotional bullying – Elisa Anderson

This book will show kids, with the story it tells, how best to deal with bullies who try to hurt them using nasty words.
There is a nasty orange who just wants to make his day by making other folks on the field feel bad about themselves.
Will he be able to get away with his evil plan?
Will someone be able to stop him dead in his tracks?
If so, how?
Kids will love this book as they will learn how to deal with emotional bullies who try to hurt their feelings with words.

A bedtime moral storybook that toddlers, preschoolers, and kids aged 3-5 and above are sure to enjoy!
Be sure to add this delightful bedtime storybook for kids to your children’s library as:
•It’s fun to read aloud as the story is easy to read
•A short story with repetitive phrases to encourage kids to master the words as they read
•A good bedtime storybook to be added to any list of bedtime stories for kids of ages 3-5 and above
•An entertaining children’s picture book for beginner readers
•Suitable to use as a beginner reading book for kindergarten
•A fun book to be added to any list of early reader books for children
•A book suitable for young children of the following reading levels: I Can Read level 1, I Can Read level 2, I Can Read level 3 and I Can Read level 4.

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