The Púca’s Forever Mate – Liathán O’Murchadha

When American Nora Casey heads for Ireland after breaking off her engagement, she’s not looking for romance or love. When she meets a mysterious man, Felidmid Eamon, she’s attracted. It’s mutual and on the very day they meet, they make love with wild abandon outside beneath the sky. Their relationship heats up after that but there are things that Nora can’t quite understand. When Felidmid confesses that he is a Púca, she refuses to believe it. When he does his best to show her the truth, she won’t accept it. When Nora won’t believe him, he falls seemingly dead at her feet with a broken heart. Maeve, queen of the faeries, intervenes and Nora has two choices – to admit she loves Felidmid and agree to be his forever mate or walk away, leaving him dead. What will her choice be?