The Real Happiness – Sameem Islam

So in this world where faith is a myth, love means sex and God is lost, a person with entirely different assumptions was forced to into a mismanaged crowd to live for four years.

Within the bunch of beings, he found people with almost similar journey. Faith was his journey and every journey has companions, like passion, believes, doubts, regrets, demons and god. But this time he found some other mates too.

A lost faith in relationships (other mate)
A lost faith in God (hazel)
A lost faith in society (philosopher)
A lost faith in self (curly)

Like every companion there were various reasons to be on the journey. But their destination was the same. So they explored some of the biggest myths of the world, like love, fate, choice and faith.

This book is the story of very ordinary people of the society, with very extraordinary questions to explore. To understand this book, all you have to do is close your eyes and look closely.