The Return to Zennor – Lilac Rosenwyn

Retelling the tales of Cornwall through the Cornish Legends Series

Sam is an adventure loving little boy who loves to spend his school holidays, kayaking, trekking and camping with his mum. Sadly, this school holidays he is taking the long winding journey to Cornwall where he will spend the holidays in the remote village of Zennor with his Grandmother.

Little did Sam know; the village of Zennor was once told to be the home of the mermaid Morvoren who lured a villager into the sea with her. Soon she will be back and in need of help

But mermaids don’t exist, do they?

Well Sam was about to find out and so shall you.

Follow Sam and his adventure in this simple chapter book for children aged 5 to 9. Broken down into smaller chapters this series is an ideal start into independent reading or can equally be enjoyed as a family bedtime read.