The Rock that fell from the Sky – A Bedtime Story Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years and above: A read aloud tale for children with good moral lessons – Elisa Anderson

A beautiful short bedtime children story book for kids of ages 3-5 and beyond that teaches about the dangers of not being satisfied with one’s self
This brightly illustrated short bedtime story is about a rock that is tired of being a rock!
He looks up the sky and would rather be there than on the ground.
He does get his wish but when he does, is it what he hoped for?
Find out by reading the Rock the fell from the Sky!

Encourage your children whether toddlers or kids ages 4-8 years old to be self assured by reading them this children’s book!
Growing up can be hard for kids as they learn about themselves and their place in the big wide world. It can be very easy for them to feel that other kids are cooler or smarter or better than them!
Now is the best time for you to boost their self-confidence and telling them not to make the mistake of wanting to be like someone else just like the rock in
this story.
Nothing helps a kid like knowing that they are perfect just the way they are!
Make your kids feel special too by adding this book to your kindle and reading it FREE with kindle unlimited.