The Rude Woman of Cerne – H.E. Bulstrode

A satirical ghost story featuring Beatrice Clemens, the grandmother of the snowflake generation.
The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but Beatrice Clemens is determined to make this adage more ‘relevant’ to today’s society by blithely driving an eight-lane superhighway straight through the heart of rural England. Dubbed the ‘Conscience of Dorset’ by a newly-launched progressive broadsheet, one could be forgiven for forgetting that this canting, sanctimonious hypocrite, who believes that some people are β€˜more equal than others’, is actually a B&B hostess (although she would prefer the non-gender specific term ‘host’). Alas for her guests, her values and preoccupations are never far from her lips, and her inclusive zeal is something in which she enjoins all to share, even if they are only trying to order a full English breakfast and enjoy a country break far from the clamour of the madding crowd.

Just as Beatrice stands upon the brink of receiving the acclamation that she believes her work deserves, something, or someone, is glimpsed amidst the hedgerows and within the banks of an ancient earthwork; a shadowy, furtive figure – the embodiment of old Dorset? Whoever it may be, he does not, it would seem, share her enthusiasms. His sense of justice is a very different one to hers.

A standalone novella in the West Country Tales series, also available alongside three other pieces in Uncanny Tales as a Kindle e-book, or a paperback.