The Sassy Goddess – Julie Morgan

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the most amazing and talented witch of all?

Well, it’s not me. At least not yet. Nope, I can’t catch a break even if it bit me in the broom. Today’s disasters included falling through a portal into a strange new world, running from a giant purple chicken and tripping into the arms of the hottest man my witchy eyes have ever seen.

Unfortunately, he’s looking for a long lost princess. I’m no princess. Right now, I’m a hot witchy mess in fabulous clothes. Heck, my coven doesn’t even want me.

But wait… maybe if I help find the princess everything will work out.

Maybe, I’ll discover who I’m meant to be and my place in the Covenstead will be secure.

Who knows? I might even find a prince and a happily ever after of my own. I don’t need a mirror to tell me I’m amazing. With some luck and a little magic, I’ll figure it out myself.