The Secret of the Tenth Clan – Victor Storm

The famous American journalist Michael Leonard is hired by one of the biggest Scandinavian media, to make an investigation about Islamic charity foundation working all around Europe.

A terrorist act breaks the Scandinavian peace and quiet and anti-terrorist agencies go into battles, for which it is not written in the police academy textbooks.

Self-involved members of the European Parliament, from their offices in Brussels, dream of being Roman patricians, but fall into the trap of their own passions.

This is a story of current events, the base of which is rooted in the ancient world. During the multiple migrations of nations, experienced by humanity, there is a nation that carried sacred item with a divine origin. But this is known and certain secret circles are trying to find it and obtain full control over the modern world.

One untouchable organization, founded by members of former enemy countries, which has levers capable of shifting the future of mankind, is searching for the secret, sacred item to secure itself eternal control. The Caliphate is also searching for this item and
is using all its resources in order to obtain it.

Secret financial operations, conspiracies, change of values, using the human resource for certain purposes. Journalist investigations intertwined with schemes of corruption and clash of world religions.

In this book there are police operations described in detail, executions carried out by people who believe in their cause.

These events spark the interest of secret services outside of Europe, the echo of which, brings from the hills of Jerusalem, men working for one of the best intelligence agencies, because they are also in the game, the race for information and domination.