The Secret – Raven Black

A mass of vacant, smiling faces stare blankly from the confines of their missing posters. The memory of their existence lost in time. One innocent overlaps another, curling at their corners, tattering at their edges as they fade slowly in the harsh light of day. Perhaps a reflection of their final moments.

Has no one noticed these lost souls are all women? Some, have only begun to make that change. Where have they all gone? There they remain, pinned to the local bulletin board in the only Diner for miles. The town of Collins, sits only a few miles away from its location. No one would suspect that it had any part to play in their demise. It has been a ghost town for a decade now. It sits crumbling away under the assault of mother nature.

People seem to have forgotten its very existence and that its population of over a thousand, suddenly disappeared overnight. Now, Collins has lured another woman into its clutches. Sara King is only one, in a series of uncountable victims to cross over its dreary threshold. However…things are different this time. She will be the first one they regret taking but she will not be their last victim.