The Selection of a Sacred Strawberry: Winning stories from PenFluenza III – Andrew K. Edgars

The Selection of a Sacred Strawberry is a compilation of the winning short stories of the international premier league short-story contest PenFuenza 3.0, organized by WriteFluence. The book consists of 28 literary pieces written in different genres and based on the theme of A Ritual, and were selected from a whopping 182 submissions that had been received from all over the world for the contest.
Aboli Mane, Adyasha Acharya, Andrew Kristi Edgars, Aneesha Shewani, Anoushka Boodhna, Arria Haigler, Bethany Taylor, Bhavna Jagnani, Denarii Peters, Emecheta Christian, gayathri sampath, Gitanjali Maria, Jay McKenzie, Kitiera Morey, Lee Fountain, Lisa Cortez, Michael Noonan, Ninad Bhangle, Oluwatoyin Magbagbeola, Peter Collins, Philip Stenström, Priya Nayak-Gole, Prosper Ugbosu-Joe, Ramya V., Samantha Pinazza, Sohini Roy, Vaibhav Pradeep Gilankar, and Will Sandkvist