The Stork Mis-Delivered – Twice – April D Brown

Mistie Jolin escaped a past she’d rather forget. Buried deep. Hid the former abuse from her mind, and memory, like unwanted baggage. No one would go looking for her past if she lived up to her dreams. Paved her own way to a bright future.

Or so she believed.

People began to talk. Shadows of a past better buried stalked her every advance. She must face her fears, the past, and those she has come to trust.

Mistie’s history unravels around her. She uncovers nightmare generational abuse on a scale she never imagined. Never knew she had been part of. Didn’t want in her past, or future.

Knowing her true past haunts her. Hurts. Damages her present. Will those she trusted allow her to recover and become a real person, rather than a shadow that creeps on the wall and follows her every move? Will Mistie ever trust again?

48 Chapters
81,535 Words
6 X 9 Print – Arial Size 12 – 309 pages
7 X 10 – Arial size 16 – 353 pages