The sun puts on its nightgown – Glenroy Bent and Kizie Bent

The Sun Puts on its Nightgown is a colorful children’s book that is suited for both preschooler’s as well as K-5 students.

Its burst of vivid and vibrant illustrations of the Sun’s daily activities portrays the sun as a worker from, sunrise to sunset. Step inside to read of the myriad of duties the sun has and how it affects our daily lives. Each page captures the perfect moment in the day, along with its vibes. The sun lures you to tap into the different senses as you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch what is exhibited before you.

The grade 4-5 students will love the Figurative Language used and be able to apply to real-world settings. And, not much rhyming but dares you to find those words that do.