The Surreal Killer – Jerold Last

The Surreal Killer is leaving a trail of dead women across Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. The victims all seem to have been murdered in exactly the same way. There may be a link to a small group of scientists who meet annually in different locations in the region. Roger Bowman and Suzanne Foster are asked to attend this year’s meeting of the group in Lima, Peru to try to find out whether a lunatic was lurking at the previous meetings when the murders occurred. And the reader is off on a fast paced hunt for the killer through Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu in Peru and Chile’s Atacama Desert. This Indie Book of the day Award-winning psychological thriller is a true whodunit mystery novel set in an unusual and exotic locale featuring clean language and no on-screen sex. Readers new to the series can enjoy this book as a stand-alone introduction to the region and several of the recurring series characters. Free from Kindle Unlimited.