The Texas Railroad: The Scandalous and Violent History of the International and Great Northern Railroad, 1866-1925 – Wayne Cline

As we celebrate the sesquicentennial of the completion of the country’s first transcontinental railroad, it is fitting to ask “what happened to the builders of the transcontinental railroad after it was finished?” The answer: many of its builders went to Texas to work on the International and Great Northern Railroad (I&GN), the first railway to link the United States with Mexico. Unfortunately, these men brought with them the infamous Credit Mobilier scheme and used it to defraud the I&GN just as they had done on the Union Pacific segment of the transcontinental.
The entire story of the I&GN, including the scandalous activities of former Union Pacific executives Jay Gould, Grenville Dodge and others is thoroughly documented in this book. Many books cover Jay Gould, but this is the first to closely examine key aspects of the final phase of his career, when he combined the I&GN with other railroads to form his Great Southwestern System. This system brought multitudes of settlers from the Deep South to Texas after the Civil War, and was the focus of the Great Southwestern Strike.
Ultimately, the 1,168 mile-long I&GN served virtually all the population centers of the Lone Star State and provided such vital service to Texas that it was called “The Texas Railroad.” From political intrigue to the road’s actions during the Galveston hurricane and the Mexican Revolution; from train races, wrecks and robberies to the famous international flyer named the Sunshine Special – the full, illustrated story of the historic I&GN is detailed here.