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The Thirty Pound Backpack – Li. A. Wake

Not everyone can handle the weight.

Marcus a once avid student who had the entire world at his fingertips, and the potential to do anything he wanted had now hit rock bottom. Spending his days as a prisoner within the four walls of the school, while dragging along a thirty-pound backpack that reminded him of his lack of freedom. He couldn’t be happier…not.

With a lack of friends, failing grades and a target on his back. Every day was a fight to survive until he couldn’t take it any longer and the hunter would become the prey when Marcus finally breaks. Shocking the whole school with his actions, he can only hope he’s made a change, but he knew better since nothing ever changes.

Will Marcus’ actions ignite the spark for change? Or would his world crumble away to the point that he’d rather be six feet under? No matter the outcome with the status quo shaken up, it was only a matter of time before it tried to set itself right, and you can only avoid it for so long when you’re backpack ends up weighing you down.