The Trail Back Out –

2020 American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist Fiction Anthologies
2021 IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist (Short Story Collection)
2021 Top Shelf Award Runner-Up
2021 Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon
The title story was longlisted for the 2021 Screen Craft Cinematic Short Story Award

This collection is Jadi Campbell’s fourth book and her first finished work in four years. She completed many of these stories during the coronavirus lockdown. From tales of Eddie, high on LSD and trapped by “What Died in the Fridge”, and a compulsive gambler hiding during a Category Five storm in “Better Weather”, to the luminous title story of two strangers meeting by chance in the backwoods during a pandemic, her stories describe the pain and humor of being alive.Included in this collection are “Rules to Live By”, a funny and deeply thoughtful story about what we choose to teach our children. The author examines our responsibility to others when a hunter is shot and left for dead in “The Green Under the Snow”. In “Do Dreams Float?” a wife considers a hit-man’s offer of revenge. And the eternal search for happiness is carried out by a gloomy little girl nicknamed “Princess Rain Clouds”.In ten stories, Campbell paints vivid descriptions of everyday life in strange times. Whether during the upheaval of the last century or the present COVID-19 crisis, The Trail Back Out guides the reader through a labyrinth of questions about how to live and love.