The Turning Point: 45 Steps To Achieve Success – Ashok Kumawat

This book will guide you to handle day-to-day situations.
Following chapters are included in this book:
Chapter1: The beginning of life – Desire
Chapter 2: Goal setting
Chapter 3: Take Action
Chapter 4: Hard work
Chapter 5: Focus
Chapter 6: Willpower
Chapter 7: Split your day task
Chapter 8: Wake up early in the morning
Chapter 9: Strength of mind
Chapter 10: Worries about the past and the future
Chapter 11: Perception about yourself
Chapter 12: Mistake and Learning
Chapter 13: Keep yourself busy to achieve your goals
Chapter 14: When to do Entertainment
Chapter 15: Ways to relax during work
Chapter 16: Lesson from Failure
Chapter 17: Patience
Chapter 18: Conflict
Chapter 19: Never give up
Chapter 20: Relationship between Character and Success
Chapter 21: How to talk with others more effectively
Chapter 22: Success v / s Helping Nature
Chapter 23: Relationship between Success and Meditation
Chapter 24: Attachment to your goal and Detachment from Everything else
Chapter 25: Relationship between Silence and Success
Chapter 26: Relationship between Fear of Failure and Success
Chapter 27: Test yourself to get success
Chapter 28: Relationship between Courage / Valor and Goal Attainment
Chapter 29: Ego v / s success
Chapter 30: Discretion
Chapter 31: Compare with the best person
Chapter 32: Nature teaches something
Chapter 33: Habit
Chapter 34: Laziness – The enemy of success
Chapter 35: Proper Planning
Chapter 36: Create a Backup Plan
Chapter 37: How to Motivate Yourself
Chapter 38: Curiosity is the Key to Success
Chapter 39: Don’t Lose Hope
Chapter 40: Luck
Chapter 41: Rite of Consistency
Chapter 42: Ask questions
Chapter 43: Take Advantage of your Experience
Chapter 44: Make a diary
Chapter 45: Loneliness.