The Ultimate Butt Lift Workout for Women – Blake Benson

The standards of female beauty tend to change with every generation. For example, in the 40s, voluptuous women were idolized, whereas in the 90s a super-skinny supermodel body type was all the rage. And even in today’s generation, it’s quite fashionable to have a more…. shall we say, ‘obvious’ butt — a trend made popular by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian. There’s one more type of butt that’s highly appreciated these days, and that’s a well-defined and well-toned one. During this last decade’s health-nut boom, a newly revered woman’s body type has emerged. While this body type boasts a butt that isn’t enormous, it isn’t exactly ‘non-existent’ either. Instead, it falls somewhere in the middle: it’s muscular, round, and lifted. For better or for worse, it can only be achieved through hard work and a disciplined approach. And that’s exactly what this book is designed to help you achieve. So if you’re ready to get the butt of your dreams and become the envy of your friends and frenemies in the shortest time possible, let’s get started!