The Undeserving Future – J.W. Botsford

It is 2050, and what is left of humanity has emerged from an apocalyptic event of biblical proportions. Welcome to the future. Immerse yourself in a world where Neo-Mandarin is the universal language, where robotic animals eat table scraps off of the floor, and everything is measured according to “ecological and sustainability impact,” or ESI. You’ll release a sigh of satisfaction as “draggers” are forced to live out their existence online, unable to live off the hard work of others and unwilling to put in the effort to raise their status in the real world or support the causes making the world a better place. But is the world a better place?

Protecting exotic wildlife from poachers has always been a dangerous job, but in this new world order, poachers replace their targets with convincing robotic replicas and lethal drones prowl the skies to ensure that evil maintains the upper hand. As a politically untouchable mastermind plots his next move from the lap of luxury miles and miles away, a brave few will have to decide if now is the time to take a stand for the things they cherish, risk everything, and radically alter their world.

Trapped in a dystopian world conquered by a tyrannical alien and run by the World Sustainability Alliance, an attractive and cunning conservationist must decide if it is wildlife preservation or something drastically different that is truly her calling. Join Rachel, her father, Peter, Raymond, and others as they navigate a world where sustainability may not be such a perfect solution after all.