The Unexpected Valkyrie – L.A. Moore

Can one human and one Valkyrie save the world from a legion of demons?

Plagued by voices in her head and feelings of being watched, Evie senses that something evil surrounds her. She is under a constant barrage of overwhelming fear that this evil wants her dead and will stop at nothing to destroy her and family.

Relying on her Norse religious beliefs she calls on the Norns to help her. The Norns take pity on her and decide to offer her an opportunity to not only save herself but to help others by becoming a Valkyrie.

She must battle the demons with only the help of the fates and a guide of their choosing. This is no easy task.

If she succeeds, she will save herself from certain death. If she fails, not only will she die but the demons will be left to torture and torment the rest of humanity.

If you enjoy supernatural thrillers with a side of romance you will enjoy The Unexpected Valkyrie.

*This book has strong themes of torture and sex with a dash of the supernatural.*