The Voinico’s Daughter – Sallie Cochren/Elsie Marie Cochren

Nicoleta has never taken a life before, but she’ll have to make her first kill soon. When she goes to Romania with her friends, she discovers that her birthright is hunting vampires. Nicoleta has to decide whether to fulfill her destiny or go home and forget about the nightmare of a world she’s been thrown into. Adding to her problems, two of the most powerful vampires want to kill her. Having survived for centuries, Varujan and Antanasia seem unstoppable. Is Nicoleta ready to face Varujan and Antanasia? Will she be able to catch up on her missed training and be ready for the battle that’s inevitably coming? Can she keep herself and her friends safe, or will they become the vampires’ victims before their trip is over? Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. Nicoleta’s life is never going to be the same again!