The Voodoo Doll: The Priestess And The Pleasure – Andrew Reeves

Stay away from the island. The Priestess and her dolls…

On a hidden beach a captivated traveller spies a group of girls dancing naked around a glowing fire, gathering each night to perform a mindless ritual. He realises they are being mind controlled by a mysterious woman in Priestess robes, who conducts them from behind the rocks across the beach. An ancient voodoo doll clenched in her grip, she choreographs the dancing girls’ display, usurping the little doll’s power to elicit pleasure instead of pain.

Closer inspection reveals the Priestess is in a trance herself, clearly controlled by the eponymous little doll. And the traveller cannot help but attend every night to watch the girls perform… is he the final piece of the little doll’s puzzle? Can either of them fight the mental dominion the evil doll holds over them and free the girls from their deadly fire ritual – or will defying such ancient evil lead to death?

A spine-tingling horror ebook short, official accompaniment to American bass metal act Off The Realm’s brand new single Voodoo Doll performed and produced by Pennsylvania-based Tim Black. Bonus link included to FREE download of the song!