The Wolf Next Door 1 – Richard Manley

Corey is shy maybe even more than that.
His parents think so and even he has to admit he’s pretty withdrawn and maybe has a little social anxiety, but he’s trying to get over it.
But he has an active imagination, which he puts to good use.
He’s in first year college but he’s still a virgin and all that’s about to change, faster than he could imagine!
The creepy old house next door finally sold and the new neighbor will soon be moving in. It’s a big mystery. His parents are excited but he has some misgivings. Strange things have already started happening. The old house has a reputation and it’s about to get a lot more than that!
Corey will discover that it’s easy to lose your virginity but after that it becomes hard to say no.
Real hard.
And he doesn’t want to say no.
Slowly Corey begins to explore his fantasies with his only friend and then with others.
One handsome stranger is going to get him into a whole bunch of trouble but before that happens he is going to experience just what he’s been missing all these years.
Halloween is just a couple weeks away but Corey is going to have a few frights long before then.
And once he has, he’ll be ready to meet his new neighbor.
Whether he wants to or not.
Let’s find out if it’s trick or treat.
Maybe it’s both.
I hope it’s both.
Don’t you?