The Wolf Next Door 2 – Richard Manley

Corey is a shy boy but he’s coming out of his shell pretty fast. Less than a week ago he was a virgin now he’s not. It happened fast, but not all at once. He lost a little bit at a time, one experience after another. Now he can’t get enough. Now he’s a little out of control.
To complicate things the old house that sits next to his, and which has been empty since before he was born, has recently been sold. A new owner is moving in. The man is as handsome as he is mysterious. There is something almost unnatural about his beauty and Corey is having trouble reconciling his attraction and his fear for the mysterious new neighbor.
There’s something not quite right there.
Then a man who’d gone to the house – a man Corey had shared an intimate encounter with – is reported missing and Corey may have been one of the last few people to see him.
He’s trying to tell himself it’s nothing and to stop indulging his over active imagination.
But he keeps seeing things at the old Deville house.
And hearing things.
He could probably forget about it if he didn’t live next door.
But he does.
Halloween is just around the corner. He’s picked out his costumes, and he’s going to a party – he’s trying to focus on that, something normal for a kid his age.
But he’s been spying on his neighbor, and his neighbor knows what he’s doing.
He’s going to have to confide in someone, but who?
Soon Corey is going to have to make a decision.
Does he continue to run and hide, or does he give in to his fears and find out what secrets his neighbor is hiding.
And once he’s found out what those secrets are?
What’s he going to do?