The woman of fire – Adolphe Belot – Marina Rooms

“It is not with impunity that you spend your life.”
A young, handsome, and fascinating imperial prosecutor; a gorgeous, clever, and stubborn girl; the harsh and enchanting landscape of Brittany: these are the main characters of this 19th century novel staging the eternal struggle between pure love and passion, social conventions and freedom, ethics and material interests, eventually leading to spiritual corruption and crime.
Adolphe Belot has been an extremely popular novel and drama writer of the 19th century, a literary star of his time. Honorary Vice-President of the International Literary Association, he received the Légion d’Honneur in 1867. The Woman of Fire has had 67 editions published in 4 languages.

As Olympe Audouard wrote in her Silhouettes Parisiennes “…his talent is very big, very real; his imagination is lively and fruitful, it produces without effort… his style, elegant, clear, pleasant, does not feel the torture imposed by some writers to shape the sentence; he must write as he thinks, only he thinks in good French and his ideas are clear and precise, he only has to write them as they are formed in his mind.”