Three Times the Lady – the story of Judith of Flanders – Anna Chant

A Frankish princess, a Wessex queen. Discover the remarkable true story of Judith of Flanders!
As a daughter of King Charles of West Francia, Judith has always known that her destiny lies in a nunnery. But Judith longs for a very different life. She dreams of fine clothes, a household of her own, children and a handsome husband.
Athelwulf the ageing, but kindly King of Wessex is far from the romantic figure she has dreamed of, but when he proposes marriage, Judith seizes her chance to escape the religious life. She takes her place at his side as Queen of Wessex, a role she is certain she will fulfil to perfection.
At the Court of Winchester Judith’s life is dominated by her stepsons. She quickly forms a bond with the youngest, the engaging Prince Alfred, but finds very different emotions are stirred by his older brother, the rebellious and cynical Athelbald.
However, while marriage to a man nearly four times her age may not be exactly what she wanted, she discovers it has its advantages. He proves to be both generous and indulgent. He also leaves her with the prospect of a long and often scandalous widowhood, as the determined young woman battles heartbreak and imprisonment while never giving up hope of finding happiness – no matter how far she has to travel to find it…