Through My Eyes: Humanity’s Unwitting Downfall – Daniel Greenbrook

Explore a new Dystopian world — A thought-provoking, high-concept dive into human nature in three acts.

If a device capable of letting us experience the world through another person was invented, what would happen to humanity?

Harold has been warning the public for decades. The machines he worked on during his younger years have paved the way to a new addiction. One in which the danger is hidden under the guise of the world’s most sought-out virtue — empathy.

The Empathy Machine is a neuroscientific milestone. It allows an Observer to see the world through the eyes of their Source. They experience the world through others’ senses and emotions — feeling what the other feels and forgetting themselves in the process.

For the first time in history, you can literally walk in someone else’s shoes. This resolves all the disputes mankind has been unable to resolve up to that point. The giant caveat is that the person receiving someone else’s signal becomes catatonic and addicted. Nothing will make them want to get out of the machine. Hence, birthing a generation of zombies.

For die-hard Observer, Ryan, every day is an adventure. Through his Source, Alan, he is able to live the life of a fearless vigilante. But somewhere along the way, Ryan meets another Source, N, who unwittingly shows him just how sinister the Empathy Machines can be.

A journey that will leave you wandering: will anyone be able to muster enough clarity to lift the fog that the Empathy Machines have cast on society?