Till a Better World – Nadija Mujagic

One is scarred by a brutal war. Motherhood evades the other. When two women are faced with the possibility of new life, what is the cost of conception?
Bosnia, 2008. Selma Karic can’t shake the burden she carries. With her days forever darkened by the shadows of genocide, the traumatized survivor works to pick up the pieces and redefine her sense of purpose. But trust hits an ugly low when an intimate moment of solace leaves her confused… and pregnant.

USA, 2008. Emma Harris is overwhelmed with life. Crushed by school debt and walking on professional thin ice, the newly married businesswoman feels further away from strength and independence every day. But her heart shatters when she discovers any chance of naturally conceiving a child is completely out of reach.

In despair of her fate, Selma dodges the baby’s father she unwittingly gave everything to. And when Emma goes behind her husband’s back to borrow funds for the exorbitant IVF prices, the foundation of her lies and desperation threatens to crumble.

With profound destinies playing out in parallel, can both Selma and Emma still bring beauty into the world?

Unflinching and moving, author Nadija Mujagic weaves a deeply impactful pair of journeys through parenthood and trauma. Authentic to its roots and intensely personal, this powerful narrative expertly dissects the human element driving persistence in its purest form.

Till a Better World is a heartrending women’s fiction novel. If you like no-punches-pulled realism, tear-jerking drama, and eye-opening poignancy, then you’ll love Nadija Mujagic’s story of hope.