Time For A Serial Killer – RK Mullins

David Randolf Erwin’s morbid fascination for repugnant murderers will be his undoing.

As an esteemed reporter, he blew the lid off William Stephen Martin’s string of grisly murders — all consisting innocent women cut down horrifically at the prime of their lives.

You’d think this would give Erwin enough sense of fulfillment to take a step back and relish in his acclaim. But the draw of murderers proves too strong for him to resist.

A spine-chilling letter arrives at his office from a dying man — someone who credits himself with a far more ghastly crime spree than anything Erwin has ever encountered.

Will Erwin find out who this man is and what horrors he has inflicted on others?

Will Erwin be able to escape from this nightmare before becoming a victim himself?