Time is an Illusion – Summitate Series Book 1 – R C Ducantlin

Six years ago, Corb Levi Johnson learned he could make interstellar travel possible. He promised the kind of space travel that would take weeks or days instead of years. To keep his vow required the help of an unlikely pair of Mayan Shaman. It was the Shaman that led him to the Others, who granted Corb the knowledge and ability to turn his pledge into a reality.

Corb agreed to pay the Others’ price in exchange for the knowledge.

Working with his team to complete the spaceship’s construction, he runs into overwhelming interference. Governments want to control him, his team, and the new technologies. They will stop at nothing to gain control, even if it means acts of espionage and kidnapping.

A religious sect wants to prevent any further contact with the Others and will do whatever it takes to ensure humanity remains isolated. The sect vows to end all communications with non-humans. Corb and his team maintain a constant vigil for plans of infiltration and sabotage.

With threats from inside and outside his team, events start to spin out of control. Corb decides to cut a new deal. A new deal with the Others represents his best chance to return sanity to Earth. He knows what the last deal cost him to keep his word. Feeling he has no real choice, he presses on, filled with apprehension and trepidation.