To and Fro Upon the Earth: A Novel – Markus McDowell

This novel is an old-fashioned story of grief and the search for meaning in a world that seems not only uncaring, but vindictive. To and Fro Upon the Earth is a captivating (and disturbing) story about a man who rejects the common answers to life, suffering, and injustice. In his life, in his dreams, and in painful flashbacks, Jay Adam faces the agony of grave injustice, experiences the cold hand of fate, and reluctantly embarks upon a questionable search for meaning and hope.

“In this novel, McDowell expertly drills deep into the core of humanity and exposes a raw nerve—a painful discovery, but not without purpose…it addresses a question we all face at some point in our life: is there any beauty to be found in a dark place?”
Linda Marie Zupancic
Writer, editor, B.C., Canada

“…not for the faint of heart…McDowell takes perceived notions and completely shatters them…I believe that this novel is his wake up call to society.”
Courtney Hancock
Reviewer, Norman Park, GA