To Cage An Immortal – Cherif Touidjini

In the seemingly endless universe, spacefaring civilizations cower beneath the shadows of Striders.

Randa craves hunting those who dare break the law and oppose the system.

She is an Azara Strider, one of thirteen kinds of Strider. Those Striders are beings who have the unique and coveted quasi-magical ability to travel between planets without relying on technology. Armed with Ciphers, Striders stand atop all life in Kayane.

Kayane, a realm of mysterious cosmic constructs, complex rules, arcane forces, and powerful mythical beings. A realm where a hard magic system with limitless opportunities for progression and power is only accessible to those who know how to play a game of wits and risk. A realm where metaphysical science unlocks magic, information is currency, and knowledge can make a king.

New strange worlds. Cosmic horrors. And the metaphysical can take physical form.

A realm where vetted information is the only thing anyone can truly rely on. A realm where a system that allows anyone to acquire said vetted information exists. At a cost.

Randa is a knight and officially serves the Azara Aggregate Kingdom as a marshal traveling between worlds on frequently bloody missions. She leads six Striders. Each one of her crew is from a different kind of Strider.

She upholds the law, saves her own, and hunts renegades. And she is fairly good at it to a certain extent. Until that mission. There, where she is beyond the reach of aid, awaits a creature of myth. A being many worshiped, many feared, and many more wanted it to remain a myth.

In a huge and dark structure that contains a reality, a Monster looms.