Too Deep – Rimmy London

After returning from Italy, Loriel and Givanni are met by a roomful of LAPD, and it’s not a welcome home party. They want Givanni locked up for murder, and framing him proves all too easy. But giving up isn’t something Loriel is ready to do – even when it seems Givanni has suddenly vanished. And so, she forces herself into the rescue party with no idea where they’re headed or what they might be up against.

Slowly, one by one, she faces her most terrible fears. When it comes to the man she loves, she won’t be stopped. But when she finally reaches him it’s clear that something changed. Has Givanni lost himself in the hands of his captors? Or is his shock at seeing her due to something darker?

This fast paced, exciting tale takes the reader to new locals and through daring rescues with an ending to cheer for. An up-all-night read with beautifully weaved descriptions, “Too Deep” will hold you captive