Trails: First Generation – Gail Brown

Trails 1: Fault Lines
Pair 1, Book 1

A devastating cascade of earthquakes strike New Mexico’s forgotten fault lines. Quakes spread across the continent. Fumeroles emerge in unknown hotspots. As the continental plates shift, so do the lives of Amber and Alex as they struggle to find firm ground in the altered landscape.

Aftershocks spread through the population. Changing communities, forcing most to flee for their lives. Family and friends missing. Communications fail. Society as they knew it, teeters on the brink of collapse.

Trails 2: Volcano
Pair 1, Book 2

Oceans heave as the Ring of Fire bursts with increased activity. Continental plates shift, rip apart, and bounce against each other. Amber and Alex assist rescue and relocation efforts, while searching for missing friends and family members.

Communities melt apart as walls between human population groups rise. Men, women, and cultures clash as if they had never learned to live together in peace.

Together, survivors must build a future in a tangled environment of fear, hunger, cold, and desolation.

41 Chapters
42 Chapters