Trails: Pit Miners – Gail Brown

Trails 3: Tales
Pair 2, Book 1
Time: 200 years in the future

Zella and Tanna must both fight an evil so great, it only exists in campfire tales. Trauma everyone thought was long forgotten, and would never return to disturb the peace of their villas. Zella must slip out of hiding to save herself, and the rest of the community leaders. Tanna must reach through the fog of fear to find leadership qualities she didn’t know she possessed.

Trails 4: Mines
Pair 2, Book 2
Time: 210 years in the future

Klapit mine abandoned to the ghosts. Shelpit mine nearly empty after half a generation. The orphans are now adults, struggling to find a future in Shells. Rusty and Ambrena fear banishment from their villa.

Corandra fears her ancestors have cursed her. Which seems to be proven when she digs up a box in a forbidden location that brings a devastating illness to the villa.

41 Chapters
47 Chapters