Trinidad Carnival Recipes – S. Roystone Neverson

The cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is as mixed and varied as its population – African, Indian, British, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and, of course the indigenous Amerindians.
If you love well seasoned foods, you will be in your element during Trini Carnival with its spicy foods and scintillating music. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is known as the biggest street party in the world.
Carnival is a time to let your hair down or to act out your fantasies. The players are driven by pulsating music that keeps you moving, dancing, and gyrating. Even when you are tired your feet cannot stop moving to the beat of the calypso or soca music.
So, don’t forget to take back with you some CDs, and DVDs of Trini Carnival music to remind you of the wonderful time you had in sweet T&T and to keep you humming happily until you return for your next Trini Carnival.
And whenever you yearn for the taste of carnival foods, your copy of Trinidad Carnival Recipes will be on hand. If you feel like starting with a Peanut Punch and wish to add a drop of Caribbean Rum to it, while you prepare a more elaborate exotic dish, go for it.