True Tales of a Traveller: A Career in Travel – Alix Lee

The fifth story in the True Tales of a Traveller series, A Career in Travel, is at nearly 40,000 words, is a substantial novella-length account set mostly in Britain in 1984.

This is a story whose theme will be familiar to many travellers: how to make travel a part of your life while still enjoying all those aspects of life that typically require staying put in one place.

This is a story about a young traveller’s attempt to integrate his love for travel into a regular, settled lifestyle in London. Although humorous in places, this is also a thought-provoking story that goes to the heart of what it means to be a traveller, the differences and similarities between a traveller and a tourist, the differences and similarities between a traveller and an immigrant, and a traveller’s place in society.

Travel in the British Isles and a number of nearby countries is related as the traveller tries hard to come to terms with self-imposed travel limitations and the challenges of settling down into a more sedentary, and hopefully matrimonial life. Like the other stories in the series, it provides not only an entertaining read, but also information on all the places visited, some relevant only to the era in which the story is set, but most still relevant today.