True Tales of a Traveller: Solid Gold, Easy Action – Alix Lee

This story is probably the most unique among the True Tales of a Traveller series. Certainly, it’s a travel story, and the reader will read much about Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, as those so-called ‘Asian Tigers’ were in the 1980s. Some of this information will be peculiar to the era; some of it still relevant at the time of publication.

But this is also much more than a travel story. It touches on politics and economics, law and crime, social and cultural values, racism and ethnic prejudice. The story is set mostly in Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, but also in the air between those places. As with the other stories in the series, a no-holds-barred, no-punches-pulled approach is taken. I narrate events as they happened, to the best of my knowledge as my memory seves me, and no apologies are made for describing things as they actually were in my impression. This is a true story, but some of the names and other details have been changed to protect identities of people who may not wish to be associated with this story.

For some months in the 1980s, I was engaged in a very unusual kind of work in east Asia…