Truly Wicked – Anita Anderson

What if a fake relationship…

… could make your dreams come true?

“Most people around here believe he killed his sister.”

I’m desperate for a new life. All I have to do is enter a fake relationship with Lucas Hudson so he can humiliate his enemies.

He’s a billionaire recluse who shouldn’t be trusted. I’m a screwup who needs money for art school in Paris.

Two months at the eerie, mysterious Hudson House will pay for my dream. But I may be uncovering a killer, and I’ve never been more vulnerable.

The locals tell me to run, but I’m obsessed with his touch.

I’ve got a target on my back… but I’m addicted to the way he looks at me.

Someone knows what happened that night.

And they’re coming for me.

It’s not just my heart on the line.

Can I trust Lucas to protect me? Or is he the one I need protecting from?

Truly Wicked is a full-length romantic thriller with no cliffhanger.

Read today.