Tuki Chameleon is Blue – An interactive and engaging sound enabled eBook with real voice narrations and sounds for early readers – Happy Books

Teach your toddlers to read and get to know the color blue with this interactive early learning book that plays sound just like a Sound Board Book on your Kindle Fire Device!
This interactive eBook is targeted at preschoolers and toddlers expose them to early reading and early learning of colors starting the color blue

Showcases common sight words to help kids get familiar with them
Early readers need to be acquainted with the common sight words so as to become fluent in the matery of reading. The words used in this book are:

are, can, go, it, of, see, so, the, that, this, to, you

Has interactive story narrations with clear audio quality for easy reading
Using screen buttons, the audio narration can be triggered for the kids to follow the story and learn to read as they listen.
The audio narration included in this interactive read along book for toddlers and children will help kids to listen and learn the words that are being read to them.
With crisp clear voices, the child will enjoy the reading and follow the story through the narration.

Engaging narration and sounds to keep the child’s attention in this kids interactive book
Kids will love to listen to this read along book with reading buttons that can be turned on and off when needed.
The characters in this early reader kindle book are fitted with sound buttons that make interesting sounds sure to gain the attention of the young readers and give them an entertaining story reading experience.

Includes a Touch and Listen Activity for the kids
To better understand the common sight words, the children will be exposed to a Touch and Listen exercise were they will be required to touch a word and listen to its pronunciation. This way, kids can learn how words are pronounced and get familiar with their spelling.

Your toddler will enjoy this book as it has the following features
– It is a very entertaining short interactive book for kids aged 3-5 and above designed to keep their ever wandering attention span.
– It is an engaging book where kids can hear sounds by clicking on the buttons
– Features a story that will showcase the color blue to kids who need to learn their colors
– Features a Touch and Listen activity that shows the sight words used in the story and a button that can be pressed to listen to their pronunciation
– A great learning tool to teach children to read early by learning the sight words
– A very colorful and entertaining beginner reader book for kids in preschool and kindergarten
– A very educative early reader book for level 1 readers which teaches sight words for 1st graders

Get this book on your Kindle Fire Device and have fun with the kids (Free for Kindle Unlimited Users)