Two Jersey Brothers: Stories from Our Haledon Boyhood 1939-1953 – Nick and Bob Finamore

This book is written to present stories brothers Bob and Nick Finamore experienced while growing up in thew small suburban town of Haledon, New Jersey. It is meant to recount the life they had from birth to post World War II from 1939 to 1953 (19 years) and dedicated to their grandchildren’s understanding of the life they lived during that period. Old family stories are usually not written down and then they are lost forever. So Haledon is their hometown where they were born and began to develop their first memories. Their grandparents emigrated from Italy and with most of their close family members worked in the mills of neighboring Paterson, the “Silk City.” They recall the colorful customers they served in their family’s vintage Belmont Diner.