Two Lies and a Diamond – Hazel J Kevlihan

Aisling is sixteen and charismatic, not to mention, wise – and humble. But that’s just what other people say. Most importantly, Aisling never loses. Like, never. Truly the brains behind a five-person thieving team known as The Company, her associates include:

Nadir – a pickpocket turned con artist
Claire – a shy hacker
Rose – a financial genius
and Cameron – a goofy nerd.

Working out of an empty office building in South Dublin, Aisling steals from the biggest names in Europe, while still managing to ace her exams. But something sinister is lurking on the city streets. As The Company is drawn into a job close to home, Aisling will be forced to gamble her friends, her family, and her future on one giant score.
Will she finally lose it all?