Two Spirit – Zerry Greenwood

Homeless, orphaned, and uncertain, Rose resorts to deception to aid in her destiny.
In the white man’s world, Rose Baker’s adventurous nature had been a source of pain to her mother and frowned on by everyone but her father. And he was now dead. Orphaned on the Bozeman Trail, Rose desperately needed to find a way to survive in a time and place that was not ready for a woman like her. Deception would not have been her first choice, but if it was the only way for her to hunt and fish and oversee her own destiny, what other choice was there. As she shed her frills and dawned her father’s pants, Rose began her life of deception as a two-spirit being. Her plot was working, and the Nez Perce tribe accepted her for whom she pretended to be. Everything could have been perfect. If only she had not fallen in love with her rescuer, Five Wounds. Would the deception that saved her now destroy her happiness forever?