Ultimate Soap Making Guide for Beginners: Step by Step Techniques for Making Your Own Soaps: Including 28 Natural Soap Recipes – Erin C Mills

Ultimate Soap Making Guide for Beginners is the book you need to get started on your soap making journey with easy step-by-step techniques and 28 natural recipes!

By downloading this book you will learn:

How homemade soap making can benefit you. Learn why you should consider ditching the factory-made soap and turn to homemade soap for good!
What you need to get started. Learn the basic ingredients, tools, and safety equipment you should have to successfully produce soap you desire and to keep yourself safe during the process of soap making.
The two types of soap making process. Learn the difference between cold process and hot process and which one you should go for depending on your needs.
The best essential oils to use for producing liquid soap. Learn the different oil options you have to make scented soap depending on your needs and preference.
28 easy-to-follow recipes. Learn different easy-to-follow recipes to make soap using natural ingredients to make skin healthier, brighter, and softer.