Uncanny Tales – H.E. Bulstrode

Four ghost stories from England’s historic shires present a heady brew of the gothic, folk horror, historical fiction and satire.

The Ghost of Scarside Beck.
A newly-wed Cumbrian vicar and his wife experience a night like none they could ever have foreseen. He may have answered his calling, but who, or what, is calling her?

At Fall of Night.
Welcome to Wiltshire in the autumn of 1843. Monsieur Benoit Lavarnier, toast of the Parisian art world and a man of cultured accomplishments, finds himself commissioned to paint a portrait of renowned beauty, Lady Helena Brocklington. He arrives at Shrimmingwood Hall not only with the accoutrements of his trade, but also something sinister lurking in his train.

A disturbing tale of the supernatural in which the world of Romano-Celtic Britain collides with the forces of 19th-century progress. Was it the molecatcher or the navvies who brought it back? Neither would claim it as their own, and neither would wish to. Whatever it should be, it would seem that it finds its pleasure in the riot of the chase, and in the singling out, and punishment, of its chosen quarry.

The Rude Woman of Cerne.
Beatrice Clements, full-time social justice warrior and part-time B&B hostess, proves an irritant not only to her guests, but also to someone, or something, she has never even met. A shadowy, furtive figure is glimpsed amidst the hedgerows and within the banks of an ancient earthwork – the embodiment of old Dorset? Whoever it may be, his sense of justice would appear to be a very different one to her own.