Underground – Kit Sergeant

Some consider them heroes, others say they’re traitors.
Can four women—a slave, a seductress, a soldier, and a spy— change the course of the Civil War?

Hattie Lewis, one of Allan Pinkerton’s first female detectives, is tired of playing a minor role in a man’s world. When she is asked to accompany the top male operative on a mission behind enemy lines, she readily accepts. But the mission threatens to have dire consequences for them both.

Mary Jane Richards was born a slave without options but when her mistress, Elizabeth Van Lew, loans her to the Jefferson Davis household, she becomes privy to the innermost operations of the Confederate government. As a secret from her past finally comes to light, Mary Jane wonders if she will ever be able to free herself from Miss Lizzie’s grasp.

Despite her name, Belle Boyd is no typical Southern woman. After realizing she isn’t cut out for nursing, Belle resorts to using her coquettish charms to do her part for the cause by ferreting information from occupying Yankees. Threatened with the noose, will Belle finally realize her actions have consequences?