Understanding Customer Acquisition: An Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide to Creating a Customer Acquisition Strategy and Understanding the Cost to Attract New Customers – Phillip Stanton

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Shark Tank, you’ll be familiar with the term “Customer Acquisition.” Simply put, it’s the cost of obtaining a new customer, and it’s also an extremely important variable for any entrepreneur or small business owner who wishes for his business to grow. This book is designed to help you better understand the underlying mechanics of new customer acquisition in order for you to formulate a strategy to capture more of your business market. After reading this book, you will be fully familiar with terms like Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) that will help you identify which marketing strategies yield the most favorable results for your specific application. Nowadays, there are countless options when it comes to paid marketing, but it all comes down to figuring out which offer the best return on investment for your business. Whether you’re running an online enterprise, or a traditional brick and mortar business, I’ve got you covered. I’m also going to teach you how to use networking as well as employ partnerships with other businesses to help you acquire more customers. At the end of the day, it’s not only about how many new customers you’re able to attract, but also how many of them you convert and are able to keep. If you’re ready to cut costs while watching the customers roll in.